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Financial Success in Minutes

Our formula for financial success

Our success has not been based on our own intelligence or even our ability to come up with new ideas. We research the suggestions, ideas, and concepts of the giants in our community. Once they have a good idea, we expand on that, and see where it takes us.

“The tire is a funny thing. Someone literally reinvented the wheel, and made a ton of money.” -dlevenden

Financial Relevance

Not all things will bring success, but one should attempt to be successful in all things. We believe in performing to the best of our ability. Others aren't better than you, they just try harder. Developing strong ethics and business procedures is only half the battle. Ensuring to work hard enough for those ethics and procedures to be successful is where the real work takes place.

All things can be attributed to financial relevance. The goal should not be about gaining wealth, it should be about striving for perfection, failing along the way, in order to become the best version of yourself possible. Once people see your personal success leaning on you will be irritable for them.

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